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Overcoming Creator's Block

We facilitate workshops for youth groups and organisations, charities and NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, and corporates. If you would like to discuss more about our workshops or would like us to create bespoke workshops according to your needs, please contact us. 

What is Creator's Block?

Creative blocks is often described as the inability to access your own internal creativity. It happens to us all, and is part of every creative process. Often it can be triggered by the fear of imperfection or the pressure to produce. This workshop will teach you what creator's block is, what causes creator's block and how you can overcome it.

What we will cover

1. Understand what  creators block is.

2. Learn the different types of creator's block, what causes creator's block.

3. Understand and practice techniques to overcome creator's block.

4. Learn how to deal with self pressure and the fear of imperfection.

5. Understand how to nourish your mind and practice self-care.

6. Participate in creative tasks to stimulate your imagination.

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