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Understanding Emotional Intelligence

We facilitate workshops for youth groups and organisations, charities and NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, and corporates. If you would like to discuss more about our workshops or would like us to create bespoke workshops according to your needs, please contact us. 

Reading on the Water

Understanding Yourself

During this workshop, you will learn how to intentionally commit yourself to build emotional intelligence, and learn how to create positive emotions within yourself and in others. You will learn how to identify your daily emotions, practice mindfulness, and have deep and meaningful conversations with people.

What we will cover

1. The course will highlight the 6 leadership competencies of Emotional Intelligence.

2. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview on the 3 competencies including: self-awareness, emotional reasoning, and positive influence.

3. The workshop aims to create a clear understanding on what the term Emotional Intelligence is, and to identify the benefits of applying EI skills in one's personal and professional life.

4. Understand how to harness positive beliefs.

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