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Meet Divergent Thinking's wonderful and talented team.




Nat is a neurodiversity champion and advocate for people with learning differences such as dyslexia. Pride of Britain award nominee and recognized by HRH, The Prince of Wales for heroism, international fundraising and public speaking for the rights of people with disabilities. Social entrepreneur, workforce development trainer, neurodiversity media expert and freelance filmmaker working with media outlets, including the London Olympics and the BBC.


Head of Graphics

Phoebe is a Marketing graduate who has freelanced as a Graphic designer, Illustrator, and Front-end Web developer. She has worked in visual development, including establishing brand identity and uses her free time to further expand her creative skill set.



Zoe graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. She has experience working in Clinical Negligence litigation which has allowed her to help people in difficult experiences of their life.  Zoe is passionate about youth-driven social change. She has worked with a number of charities that support young people, and is a member of the UK Youth Advisory Board for Peace First. 


Social Media Lead

Tapiwa is a Social Entrepreneur and a Human Rights Activist. He has a background in law and was also a political commentator for Voice of America’s  studio 7 for Zimbabwe.



Charles is the Founder and CEO of PCDC Africa. Charles Msilanga is a leadership and Motivational/public speaking trainer and coach with an interest in building the most effective personalities and organisations as possible. For over 5 years, Charles has been helping individuals and companies find their journey through personal and corporate development and help them realise their true potential as well.


From running an event on mental well-being with Professor Green to writing sessions on storytelling with young refugees, Zahrah believes in the power of changing the world. Zahrah is a writer and youtuber with an MA in Creative Writing and half a decade experience in the youth charity sector.


Amy has been practicing yoga since 2011 and graduated as a hatha yoga teacher in February 2019. She runs courses, classes and workshops in and around Brighton, UK and online. Amy is the Founder of Luna Sadhana- a creative space where she provides courses, classes and workshops to help people progress in their yoga and meditation practice.  A large focus of her work is teaching students how to create a fulfilling home practice and most importantly, how to keep it up!


Zinah is a human rights lawyer and Founder of the Let's Be Friends Project, which twins primary schools in Iraq and Europe to build bridges of peace, coexistence, and cultural understanding whilst using art as a way of self-expression. Zinah is also the former Curator at the Global Shapers Community - Erbil hub, and has a history of representing Iraqi youth voices in many global and regional platforms


Yuri Coret is the founder of The Kaizen International Network. The Kaizen International Network is a start-up company that focuses on delivering life and business strategies that help people to continually grow into better versions of themselves. Yuri has had the opportunity to train people from 20 different worldwide countries on developing emotional intelligence. Yuri has a noble aspiration to be recognized as a global change-maker by empowering the youth through social entrepreneurship and emotional intelligence.


Ambassadors are a dynamic team of volunteers. They work together to tackle barriers within society and support Divergent Thinking to represent the voices of young people. Ambassadors sign up to volunteering throughout the year. In exchange, we support them with opportunities to make a difference as well as training and support.

Yifan is a curious explorer, life-long learner, and global citizen. She has built and led teams to deliver shared goals, especially around youth engagement, women empowerment, and international education. 


Ivan is the co-founder of Skiler, Skiller is a ski learning tool that enriches and makes skiing easier to learn. It was created for people of all abilities.


Software developer and Cofounder of OpenFarm- Gibson is a software developer with a special interest in business, entrepreneurship, networking and upcoming technologies like blockchain and machine learning.