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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Lotus Diagram: What Is it

The Lotus Diagram is a brainstorming tool for which a visual representation of an idea is used.

The Lotus Diagram, or lotus blossom technique, starts with a central idea or theme and is subsequently expanded in an iterative manner by means of solution areas or related items.

Lotus Diagram

Design a Lotus Diagram

Generally, the Lotus Diagram consists of 3 by three squares. These are known as blossoms and are arranged around the centre of the bloom.

The middle square of the Lotus Diagram of each blossom contains the central concept, idea or question. The other squares of the blossom are related to this.

Central concept

  • This first box includes the problem that must be solved.

Related concepts

  • Thoughts or ideas are noted that are associated with the central question. These squares are directly connected to the initial design and are displayed around the centre of the blossom.

  • Each of the related concepts around the centre blossom gets its own Lotus Diagram.

Expansion Boxes

  • The outer boxes receive its own diagram in which related aspects are included. This creates an initial problem or concept, with eight related ideas that are each individually treated.

Lotus Diagram: Step-by-step plan

Conducting a brainstorming session based on a Lotus Diagram is simple and explained in five steps below.

A. Identify a problem

The Lotus Diagram can be used for various purposes, but it proves to be most effective in solving problems.

B. Brainstorm about related issues

Take the time to note down different relevant items that are connected to the main subject and subsequently fill these in around the central concept in the boxes.

C. Draw the remaining squares

A new table must be drawn for each of the relevant matters related to the central idea. If there are eight connected matters, eight new boxes are drawn with the letters..

D. Brainstorm about the remaining squares with concepts

For each of the secondary issues or issues, a new Lotus Diagram is drawn, and all matters connected to this concept are noted down.

E. Study the new ideas

The result is a collection of 8×8 unique views or aspects that are related to the concept. Take the time to study these and think about how secondary matters are connected to the problem and which measures or actions could solve the problem.

Lotus Diagram summarised

The Lotus Diagram, also called the lotus blossom technique, is a highly useful tool used to support the thought process. A central problem or issue is written down in the centre of the diagram and eight matters connected to the challenge and solution are noted down around it.

To safeguard maximum effectiveness, but also creativity, it’s crucial that the problem is discussed from different angles. A way to do this is to make sure to have a diverse group of people in the brainstorming sessions.

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