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Lights, Camera, Get Hired! Unleash Your Video CV

Are you a young professional eager to make a mark in your industry? Propel your career forward with our specialised workshops, tailor-made for young professionals, rising stars, and go-getters.


Do Something Different

Step into the limelight with a Video CV! They are the ultimate tool for the modern-day professional to innovatively exhibit talents, achievements, and personalities beyond traditional CVs. Facing the camera might sound daunting, but it’s an indispensable asset in establishing your brand in the professional world.

Our Workshops

Designed specifically for ambitious young professionals, equips you with the skills to create captivating video content using your smartphone - no hefty investments needed. Elevate your personal brand and captivate potential employers with a video resume that speaks volumes.

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What we will cover

Learn to define clear goals and primary objectives to guide the content of your video resume.

Grasp effective techniques for researching the organisation you’re applying to

Master the art of presenting your accomplishments, skills, and personality in a video

Discover how to draft a script, cultivate a professional demeanor, and communicate  naturally

Elevate your professional journey with the power of Dynamic Video Resumes. Contact us to book or customise a workshop that can reshape your future.

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