Divergent Thinking offers a diverse range of interactive workshops that allow you to harness your creative potential and try something new! 


When we think of being different, we often consider factors such as age, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, and religion. However one major difference we all have is the way in which we think. Divergent ways of thinking can come in many dimensions. This  includes how we communicate stories, ideas and expressions, how we analyse and interpret information, and how we confront and solve different problems. Divergent Thinking aims to encourage everyone to explore and embrace their own unique ways of thinking!


Through our workshops, you can learn how to harness your different ways of thinking and use it to your advantage. Learning how to maximise our different ways of thinking has many benefits both in our personal and professional lives. It allows us to test the boundaries of our imagination, improves our decision making, and stimulates innovative solutions to problems.


Our workshops provide an interactive and open space where you can openly express your unique ideas, explore your creativity, and share your stories and passions in an unconventional and creative way. 

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