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Why Think Divergently?

Stretch the boundaries of our imagination

'Imagination is more important than knowledge'

- Albert Einstein 

Unshackling your Potential

A spontaneous splurge of creative and unbiased ideas — that's essentially what divergent thinking is. With each experiment done on divergent thinking, more and more benefits are being uncovered. In traditional society, we are discouraged from divergent thinking. As early as primary education, there’s a bold line between doing what’s right and what’s “wrong”. All that this “wrong” is the refusal to conform to what others consider to be normal.


In 1967, J.P. Guilford coined the terms convergent and divergent thinking. What’s the difference? Let’s define them first.



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Convergent and Divergent Thinking

In 1967, J.P. Guilford coined the terms convergent and divergent thinking. What’s the difference? Let’s define them first.



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Convergent Thinking

The systematic narrowing down of ideas into one core solution.

Divergent Thinking

The spontaneous generation of numerous ideas that are all possible solutions.

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Is Divergent Better?

While convergent thinking is linear and systematic, divergent thinking is more open-ended and expansive. Rather than a singular chain of ideas going from start to finish, divergent thinking is the formation of an interconnected web of ideas. In divergent thinking, barriers are not just hurdles to overcome but creative opportunities that will beneficially impact the world.


At its core, divergent thinking is a more flexible approach towards problem-solving; indulge in your creativeness and learn from your failures. Diversifying solutions should be praised, not scrutinized. After all, failures are essential to growing and learning.

Benefits of Divergent Thinking

Creativity should not be treated as some abstract concept but rather the norm. Everyone benefits from divergent thinking, and it's a skill that, once obtained, will serve as a valuable asset for decades to come. It's a sought-after skill in the workforce and essential to entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at the scientifically proven benefits!

Better communication and teamwork

Improve language efficiency and performance

Promote a sense of self-identity and awareness

Improve idea generation in all aspects of life

Positive correlation to successful entrepreneurship potential

A relatively easy concept and an array of benefits. So, why is divergent thinking still a relatively unknown gem to the average person? Whether it’s the lack of educational support or the tools available, many young professionals are not even aware of this alternative way of thinking.


At the end of the day, divergent thinking benefits people in so many diverse ways. Whether it’s work, creating healthy relationships, or finding a purpose in life, divergent thinking is a tool that can serve to empower and fuel your creativity.

How should you begin?

It’s hard to break away from how you’ve been socially molded, but luckily, you don’t have to face it alone. Divergent Thinking is a social enterprise that understands the need for different ways of thinking. We offer interactive and engaging webinars and workshops that train young people to evolve their way of thinking. It’s time we finally celebrate innovation and diversity!


Divergent Thinking has a genuine urge to improve the world. The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our workshops are designed to increase confidence, promote self-development, and form the social entrepreneurs of the future.

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