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Creativity occurs when you step outside your comfort zone and embrace different experiences and ideas. Let’s face it, conventional thinking is boring and restrictive. We believe that thinking outside the box is a good thing that can lead to amazing and innovative ideas. We want to help you understand how your wonderful ways of thinking can give you a unique perspective of the world.


It all started not long ago, out of the passion that our founders Nat and Zoe
share for education, and their strong desire to empower our youth with better
and more sophisticated cognitive tools, that inspire entire future generations
of creative and independent thinkers.
Divergent thinking was born out of years of both of them feeling like they didn’t
belong. Since he was young, Nat suffered from autism, dyslexia, and dyspraxia.
Zoe, on the other hand, is a British-born Chinese who grew up in a multicultural
family, and grew up feeling a like she didn’t fit into any culture.
Despite their difficulties, what they also had in common was the strong belief
that disabilities, or coming from an adverse background should not be what
defines you, but what empowers you instead. For a long time, traditional
education has been lagging in terms of engaging students like them, and
teaching them that they can still achieve great things, if only they learn how to
harness and embrace the natural talents they were born with, so they can
become the most authentic and successful version of themselves.
It has always been their belief that a better way to promote knowledge and
curiosity can, and must exist. That’s when they decided to team up, and create
a series of workshops with the goal of changing the status quo and promoting
creative thinking.
Their life stories of perseverance, passion and commitment, led them to realize
that cognitive diversity is without a doubt the most important skill for both
individuals and organizations, as well as a powerful enabler of greater job
performance, career satisfaction and leadership potential.
That’s what Divergent Thinking is all about: redefining learning, empowering
our youth, and fostering the imagination of a whole new generation of free
thinkers, so they can use the assets they have, instead of focusing on what they

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Group vlogging


Becoming a powerful promoter of creative thinking for young individuals worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to generate a meaningful, long lasting impact in the community, by empowering young people, and providing them with the best available cognitive tools to become resourceful, free thinkers. It’s our aim to ignite our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on, allowing them to become independent life-long learners. 

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