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Upskilling Workshops

We facilitate workshops for youth groups and organisations, charities and NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, and corporates. If you would like to discuss more about our workshops or would like us to create bespoke workshops according to your needs, please contact us. 

Explore Your Thinking

Remember, no skill is more valuable than the ability to think.


Design Thinking

Learn this human centred approach to problem solving, and why it could lead to innovation!



Understand the process of ideation, and how it sparks innovation in idea generation!


Mind Mapping

Learn how to visually organise your ideas and capture the thinking in your brain!


Brain Writing

Explore this group structured brainstorming technique and understand how it stimulates creativity!


Creative Problem Solving

Learn how to think outside the box and use your imagination to create innovative solutions!

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Collaborative Thinking

Explore different mindsets and understand how different points of views can create brilliant solutions!


Critical Thinking

Understand how to analyse facts, ideas and assumptions to make a clear reasoned judgement!


Divergent Leadership

Understand how to use your divergent thinking to develop your leadership skills!

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Soft Skills 101

How to use your divergent thinking to support your personality, attitude, flexibility, and motivation!

Digital Upskilling

Explore divergent thinking in digital communication!


Video CVs

Learn to create a unique video CV that showcases your personality and skillset!


Online Personal Brand Building

Learn how to use your strengths to create your own professional brand on LinkedIn!

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Video Interviews

Coming Soon

This workshop will teach
you how to feel comfortable in your own skin, how to overcome 
anxiety, how to prepare for an
interview and more!

Own Your Divergent Voice

Time to put your divergent thinking into action!



Learn how to improve your self-confidence, embrace your divergent thinking! 


No Sweat Public Speaking

Explore the skills needed to overcome any fears of public speaking, and communicate in a creative way that inspires and persuades others. 

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Network to Influence

Learn how to creatively connect with individuals and forge strong relationships that can benefit both your business and your career!

Empower Your Passion

Understand how divergent thinking can help drive your passion!

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Finding Your Purpose

Learn about self- empowerment and finding your purpose in the professional world.

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The Entrepreneur in You

Understand how to use your lived experiences and skills to create opportunities! 

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Empowering your Strengths

Coming Soon

Learn how to uncover your natural strengths and understand how to productively apply them in your personal and professional


Passion into Profit

Learn how to use your divergent thinking and entrepreneurship to turn passion into profit.

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