Divergent Thinking offers a diverse range of interactive workshops that allow you to harness your creative potential and try something new! 


Our mission is to help you harness your different ways of thinking in order to reach your creative potential. Let’s face it, conventional thinking is boring and restrictive. We believe that thinking outside the box is a good thing that can lead to amazing and innovative ideas.

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When we think of being different, we often consider factors such as age, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, and religion. However one major difference we all have is the way in which we think. Divergent ways of thinking can come in many dimensions and is what makes us unique. Our workshops provide an interactive and open space where you can openly express your unique ideas, and explore your cognitive creativity.



Everyone has their own set of unique experiences that have helped them mould into the person they are today. Our team is made up of talented and diverse individuals who use their wonderful backgrounds to give you a unique perspective of the world.

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Divergent thinking allows us to use our imagination to explore all sorts of new possibilities. Learn how to be a brilliant thinker and embrace unconventional, creative, ridiculous and  outlandish ideas!