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The Entrepreneur in You:
Ignite Your Ideas into Reality!

Have you ever felt that you have a wellspring of ideas, but aren't sure how to transform them into meaningful ventures? Whether it's starting your own business, founding a non-profit, or launching a revolutionary product, our The Entrepreneur in You Workshop is here to propel you to new heights!

Bringing Ideas to Life

Understand how to use your lived experiences and skills to create opportunities! Be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and learn how to form connections and skills that could help you bring your ideas into life. This workshop will help you develop your entrepreneurial thinking and encourage you to recognise and use your entrepreneurial skills for the future!

Sketching a Dress

Who is this for?

  • Aspiring young professionals

  • Youth groups and organizations

  • Charities, NGOs

  • Educational Institutions

  • Businesses and corporate teams

And guess what? If your group isn't on the list, we tailor bespoke workshops to meet your unique needs.

Discover & Develop

Entrepreneurship Unraveled: Explore the essence of being an entrepreneur

Social Enterprise 101: Delve into the makings of a social enterprise

Innovate Like a Pro: Develop the knack for creative and innovative thinking

Strengths & Strategies: Identify your entrepreneurial strengths and learn the art of brainstorming

Why Choose This Workshop? 🤔

Our expert facilitators have a track record of transforming ambitious individuals into dynamic entrepreneurs. We focus on holistic development, ensuring you gain not just the knowledge, but also the mindset to excel.

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