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Divergent Leadership Oasis:
Cultivating Growth in the Leadership Desert

Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Divergent Leadership is the key to unlocking your full potential and approaching challenges with a fresh perspective.

Divergent leaders are innovative, open-minded, and not afraid to step outside their comfort zone to explore new ideas. Our workshop is designed to help you develop these traits and become a true game-changer in your field.

What is Divergent Leadership?

Divergent leaders are great! They approach problems and challenges from different angles and aim to get a holistic view of solutions. Divergent thinkers are more likely to expand beyond their comfort zone to discover innovative ideas and solutions. Our workshop will allow you to understand what divergent leadership means and engage in activities that encourage you to think outside the box!

Developing Divergent Leadership

How can we develop divergent thinkers in our leaders? 

Think about Thinking

Execute, then Improve

Get Feedback

Invest in Yourself

Engage your Team

What we will cover

First, we'll teach you the fundamentals of divergent thinking and how it can enhance your leadership abilities

Next, we'll show you how to identify problems and generate innovative ideas.

We'll explore the many ways that divergent leadership can benefit you and your team.

We'll introduce you to different techniques and tools to help you generate even more ideas and solutions.

So, are you ready to become a divergent leader? Join our workshop and let's start exploring new possibilities together!

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