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Mobile Documentary Making:
Capture The World Through Your Lens!

Welcome to Divergent Thinking's Mobile Documentary Making Workshop, where the stories that matter to you are brought to life with the device that never leaves your side - your smartphone! Your pocket companion is more powerful than you think. With some skills and vision, you can produce documentaries that inspire, inform, and impact.

Who Should Join?

  • Aspiring documentary filmmakers

  • Young professionals looking to create content that matters

  • Non-profits and charities aiming to share their stories

  • Educational institutions looking to offer unique perspectives

  • Businesses and corporates seeking meaningful digital content

Need something tailored? We can customise workshops to suit your needs.

Create and Share

Smartphone cameras have democratized filmmaking. Now, more than ever, it’s possible for individuals like you to create content that reaches millions. Our workshop equips you with the know-how to navigate the technicalities and storytelling aspects of mobile documentary making.


The Power of Documentaries

Documentaries have the ability to change minds, hearts, and even the world. Whether you want to shine a light on social issues, share the journey of an inspiring individual, or educate on a subject close to your heart - documentaries have the power to do just that.

Real Stories, Real Impact

The Digital Landscape: Grasp the fundamentals of creating digital video content

The Mighty Smartphone Camera: Learn how to harness the full potential of your smartphone

From Idea to Screen:
Dive into scripting, recording, editing, and posting your documentaries

Storytelling Wizardry:
Master storytelling techniques that keep viewers engaged and connected

Let's Create Together!

Ready to turn your smartphone into a documentary-making powerhouse? Join our workshop and start making content that matters.

👉 Book a Workshop

For custom workshops or further queries, please contact us.


Your Smartphone. Real Stories. Unlimited Possibilities. 📱🌟

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