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Divergent Podcasts: 
Ignite the Podcaster Within You! 🎙️

Hello Aspiring Podcaster! Step right into the vibrant world of podcasting, where voices become stories and stories become connections. Whether you are an inquisitive student, a spirited young professional, or part of a forward-thinking NGO, our workshop is designed to turn your audio aspirations into a podcasting reality!


What's in Store?

We believe in the power of voices. And what better way to share yours than through a podcast? At Divergent Podcasts Workshop, we’ll make sure that the Podcaster within you is not just awakened but is ready to make waves! 

Why Join Divergent Podcasts Workshop?

  • Expert Guidance: Our facilitators are seasoned podcasters who will share insights and experiences to help you navigate the podcasting landscape.

  • Hands-On Experience: This isn’t just a sit-back-and-listen kind of workshop. Get ready to get your hands dirty (or your voice tired)!

  • Community Building: Join a network of aspiring podcasters and build relationships that go beyond the workshop.

  • Tailored Content: Whether you are a school, a young professional, or an NGO, we tailor our content to suit your unique needs.

Don’t just listen to podcasts; create them!

Female radio DJ

Don’t just listen to podcasts; create them!

Honing Your Communication Skills

  • Be the voice that resonates! Develop your speaking skills to communicate effectively and keep your audience hooked.

Publishing and Sharing Your Podcast

  • Let your podcast soar. Learn the ins and outs of publishing your content and making sure it reaches the eager ears of your audience.

What we will cover

Lay the foundation. Understand what makes a podcast tick and how you can create one that speaks to and for you.

Get tech-savvy! Learn about the gear that will make your podcast sound professional.

What’s your podcast about? We’ll help you brainstorm and cultivate ideas

Bring in the experts! Learn how to invite guests, prepare for interviews

Don’t miss this chance to transform your voice into an impact. Ignite the Podcaster within you!

👉 Book Your Seat Today!

For bespoke workshops for your school, organisation, or group, please contact us.

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