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Divergent Storyboarding:
The Power of Visual Storytelling!

Are you brimming with tales waiting to burst into life? Or perhaps you have a groundbreaking idea for a film or animation? With our Divergent Storyboarding Workshop, you'll unleash your creative prowess and breathe life into your narratives. Discover the magic of storyboarding and how it can turn the cogs of your imagination into a vivid and captivating story!

What's Your Story?

A storyboard is a great way to graphically organise images and illustrations in a sequence and to break down actions into individual panels. Storyboards are crucial in pre-visualising a motion picture, animation or interactive media sequence. This workshop will allow you to use your creative ways of thinking to create a storyboard that clearly conveys the flow and structure of your own story. 

Anime Drawing

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring young filmmakers and animators

  • Youth groups and organizations

  • Charities and NGOs seeking impactful storytelling

  • Educational institutions

  • Creative teams in businesses and corporates

Don't see your group? No worries! We also create bespoke workshops tailored just for you.

Interactive Creative Space

Engage in hands-on exercises within an immersive creative space! Experiment with various materials, collaborate with fellow visionaries, and receive constructive feedback from experienced mentors. This is where your stories take shape!


What’s in Store?

Storyboarding 101:
Grasp the foundations and the integral role of storyboarding

A Gallery of Inspirations: Delve into a treasure trove of visual examples

Techniques Unveiled:
Equip yourself with diverse techniques to craft a compelling storyboard

Visual Narratives Take Flight:
Learn how to mold your ideas into a visual narrative

Why Choose Divergent Storyboarding? 

With seasoned professionals guiding you every step of the way and an inspiring environment that nurtures creativity, this workshop is the key to unlocking your potential as a visual storyteller.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

If you're yearning to weave your thoughts into vivid visuals and impactful narratives, it's time to grab your seat.


👉 Book a Workshop

For custom workshops or more information, please contact us.


Dive into a world where stories take form and visions become reality. Your journey as a visual maestro begins here. 🌟🎥

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